Extend your creativity with a collection of great Add-Ons to empower your applications.
Add-Ons List
Azure Remote Rendering
Azure Remote Rendering brings your highest quality 3D content and interactive experiences to mixed.
This service uses the computing power of Azure to render even the most complex models in the cloud and streams them in real time to your devices, so that users can interact and collaborate with 3D content in amazing detail.
CAD Formats
Take your industrial CAD/3D model and bring it into your Evergine application.
Evergine.MRTK is a project that provides a set of components and features used to accelerate cross-platform XR application development in Evergine.
Evergine.MRTK provides a set of basic building blocks for Evergine development on XR platforms such as

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2
  • Windows Mixed Reality headsets
  • OpenVR headsets (HTC Vive / Oculus Rift)

Bing Maps
Bring everything cool about 3D mapping to Evergine
The Bing Maps add-ons is a map control for Evergine that allows you to utilize Bing Maps 3D mapping data in your application.