Evergine is a powerful component-based industrial engine developed on .NET and designed to be completely multiplatform.
Build once, deploy anywhere
You can deploy to any of the platforms we support, and many more are to come!
From Windows/PC applications to Web platforms (using WASM), passing through mobile devices, your Evergine applications has the potential to reach all of your users.
Take advantage of .NET 6
You can use the latest C# advantages and .NET features because we are continuously updating Evergine project profiles and supported features.
Adapt Evergine to your application
Evergine is easy to integrate on client industrial environments, supporting a great variety of UI technologies, and easy to adapt to new ones.
Deep in the XR world
Improve the immersion of your applications to the next level using Evergine and its VR/AR/MR integrations.
General Features
Advanced PBR rendering
Bring your application to a new level of realism using Physically-based rendering and materials.
Component based graphic engine
Evergine is a Component based Engine. This allow us to reduce the complexibility and overall development cost of your applications.
Customizable RenderPipeline and RenderPath
Customize the way that Evergine render your applications to adapt to new scenarios.
Physics Engine simulations
Simulate a wide range of physics behaviors, collisions and joints, both in 3D and 2D.
Advanced Post-Processing pipeline
Increase the realism of your application using Post-Proccessing effects like Tone Mapping, SSR, SSAO, TAA, and much more!
Photometric Lighting and Cameras
Use real lightning units and setup your virtual camera using advanced exposure parameters.
Modern graphics API support
Increase the performance of your applications thanks to next generation graphics APIs: DirectX12 and Vulkan. Apart from this, Evergine supports DirectX11, OpenGL(ES) and WebGL.
Modern GPU Particles
3D and 2D particles can be used to enhance the visuals of your app, creating a wide range of effects.
Advanced Animation System
The animation system extracts the object, skeleton and morphing animations of your 3d models, easing the blending between them. Lot of options are offered, like synchronized blending and multiple tracks at the same time.