Catia Viewer

The Catia Viewer presents a new way of viewing 3D models through the use of current virtual reality technologies, making the most of the controllers of the platform to allow the handling of models in an easy and intuitive way.


The main challenge of the project was to facilitate the visualization of objects designed on a computer in a natural way as if they were real objects

Main features

Compatible with the Oculus Rift virtual reality platform. Has a simple interface to select the model to load. Able to load models in STP and IFC formats. Natural handling of 3D objects. Allows the taking of pictures of the models for use outside the virtual reality platform.


This project has been created thanks to the 3D rendering and manipulation tools offered by the Evergine graphics engine for virtual reality platforms. It has developed a viewer that allows the in-depth exploration of 3D objects, which can be transformed into the user’s space as realistic as modern devices allow. This project reduces the cost of the production of parts, avoiding multiple impressions through the virtual simulation of the piece before being physically prototyped.