System for the study and planning of biopsies using mixed reality. Take advantage of the full potential of the HoloLens to study, simulate and execute extraction operations using holography in a more precise and intuitive way.


The main challenge of this project has been to create the planning of a biopsy that can be executed on a real patient using artificial reality and artificial vision devices, as well as offering the medical professional all the information they need in order to reduce amount of the time that the patient is in the operating room, thus ensuring the success of the operation.


Thanks to the power and flexibility of the Evergine graphics engine, it has been possible to carry out this project on mixed reality devices. Evergine allows the display of real-time holograms located in the user’s space and allows handling in a realistic and functional manner.

Main features

  • Meets the DICOM standards specified by the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association).
  • Compatible with PACS medical imaging servers.
  • Transform a CT medical test into a functional hologram.
  • 5 predefined segmentations (bones, viscera, lungs, vascular and muscle).
  • Visualization of the interior of the hologram on each axis.
  • Voice commands for each of the most important actions (move, rotate, scale, cut planes, mark objectives, manage markers…).
  • Artificial vision with the ability to identify markers on the patient in the real world and position them onto the patient’s body.
  • Management of user markers to indicate points of interest in the patient.