November 15, 2021

New Evergine Documentation

In Evergine we are putting a lot of effort into improving the official Documentation. This was one of our major weak points in WaveEngine, and taking that into account we are proud to show our new Documentation website:

In the new Documentation site, you will learn how to create applications with Evergine, covering topics such as how to get started into Evergine, explaining the basics concepts of the engine, how to use Evergine Studio to manage your project assets and so on.

The documentation is separated in two major sections:

  • Manual: Learn how to create applications with Evergine.
  • C# Api Reference: Full autogenerated C# scripting API reference.


This section contains information about how to use Evergine. This manual helps you learn how to use Evergine and its associated tools. You can read it from start to finish or use it as a reference.

We want this section to be updated regularly and be maintained while Evergine is evolving, so it’s possible that topics that is not well covered yet will be available in the future 😊, please contact us in our feedback repository if you find something that can be improved.

This manual is full of useful graphs and diagrams explaining the underlying behaviors of Evergine:

C# API Reference

Although it is true that the Manual is one of the major parts of this website, the autogenerated C# API Reference is always a good source of useful information:

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David Ávila
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