February 08, 2023

NeRF 3D: artificial intelligence to create highly realistic videos

Shoot four photos of the same object, person, or place. The technology performs so that, combined, they form a 360-degree video that a drone or a conventional camera could have recorded. But no drone or traditional camera has recorded it. That’s the magic of NeRF 3D.

NeRF 3D: what is it

Neural Radiance Field, or NeRF, is a technology for recreating spaces in 3D. This reproduction is achieved with excellent fidelity, which helps to apply this technology easily in the industry to design digital cufflinks. But it is not the only example of use.

NeRF technology offers advanced results to those of photogrammetry, a technique that generates a three-dimensional representation of space through images and in search of the maximum possible detail. Unlike photogrammetry, NeRF bases its ‘magic’ on artificial intelligence and other technological innovations that allow, for example, a place with transparent or metallic objects with reflections to be reproduced with excellent fidelity.

Instant NeRF

Instant NeRF is an NVIDIA product that uses artificial intelligence to recreate these three-dimensional scenes in seconds. The final appearance is an interactive video reminiscent of Google Street View 360-degree views or scenes generated for virtual reality glasses.

Possible uses of NeRF

  • As mentioned above, to create industrial digital twins.
  • Facilitate RealityCapture works.
  • Recreate cities, buildings, public spaces…
  • Create sets for film and television.
  • Design scenarios for video games and immersive experiences with virtual reality glasses and augmented reality applications.
  • Reproduce news scenarios for television news.
  • Generate the internal appearance of a house, which benefits the real estate or interior design sector.
  • Integrate with Point Cloud: the image is superimposed on the point cloud to develop precise works, such as space measurements.

NeRF and Evergine

The Evergine team has been exploring the possibilities of NeRF for months, as it is a technology that enchants customers for interactive applications; for example, in museums or fashion. It is also helpful for daily work that contributes to discovering or developing new business opportunities; for instance, the creation of industrial digital twins that show how building construction evolves or how to implement sensors in smart cities.

The integration work of NeRF in Evergine can be seen in the following video. In it, we see the inclusion of a three-dimensional teapot, created with the engine, in the courtyard of a house, replicated through several images of the place:

Other advances we have developed in recent months have been to show how to cut out a NeRF and focus on the representation of a single object; for example, a car that was previously ’embedded’ in a space and can now be detached from it to work with it alone. In addition, we have also developed a super-realistic representation of the SpaceX launch pad.

The next challenge is to create an editable NeRF, a NeRF in which you can remove and move elements of the scene to your liking and achieve all your purposes. At Evergine, we are already working to dazzle you with it as soon as possible.

Suppose you are fascinated by the possibilities of NeRF for your business and those to come; write to us: together, we will know how to squeeze the power of this technology to dazzle employees and customers.

josé manuel blanco
José Manuel Blanco
Content Specialist

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